How much will my event cost?

For accurate pricing we ask that you please call.

How many people can come to my event?

We are able to hold a total of 120 people in the building at a time.

Are tables and chairs provided?

We provide tables and chairs. We have 15 tables and 120 chairs that can be provided at your event.

Do you provide linens

Yes, there are white linens that can be provided.

Is there a kitchen?

Yes, we have a kitchen where you can heat up food. We do not allow food to be cooked in the kitchen, however we do allow to have catering brought in.

Is alcohol allowed to be brought in?

No, we are an alcohol free event center. 

Do you have tvs for videos or slideshows?

Yes, we have tvs that can be used during your event.

Can we have a DJ?

Yes, we allow DJs to come in for your event.

Is there parking and handicap access

Yes, behind the barn we have plenty of parking and we also have handicap access. We also have handicap access in our restrooms.

Do you have dressing rooms?

Yes, we have two dressing rooms.

Is there a dance floor?

Yes, we have a dance floor that can be used.

How long can my event last?

The Standard block of time is 12 hours for a full day event(10AM-10PM).

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